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Quick Ship Promise

Autoline promises to provide the fastest pickup for your budget. 95% of standard orders are picked up within 1-3 days of the requested pickup date. Autoline guarantees to provide you with a carrier within 1-10 days of your requested ship date for the originally quoted price.

Should you not have your vehicle picked-up within the agreed window, Autoline will compensate you $25 off your shipping cost for every day past the 10 day pickup window.

Autoline’s pickup promise is subject to the following terms and conditions

  1. The Reservation Guarantee does not apply to orders which we have matched prices with a competitor or orders which we have lowered our original quote for any reason.
  2. After the customer makes an initial reservation, any changes made to order will re-start the pickup window.
  3. Autoline has the right to substitute equipment of equal or greater size to fill your guaranteed reservation.
  4. If Autoline representatives are unable to contact you to schedule and agreed upon pickup date, date and location of your pick-up, the reservation will not be considered guaranteed.

In the event of war, riot, civil unrest, insurrection, Act of God or other force majeure that significantly disrupts the operations of Autoline or our netwok carriers, it shall not be obligated to pay customers the $25 payment even if the reservation had been guaranteed.