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Open Trailer Auto Transport

Open trailer auto transport is our standard auto transport shipping type. 85% of all vehicles shipped in the United States are shipped on open trailers. The pros of open trailer transport are its cheap costs and larger availability. Vehicles shipped on via open trailer will be exposed to the outside, but despite the exposure to the elements, your vehicle will generally arrive in the condition that it was picked up in.


How the vehicle is tied down

Vehicles will be tied down to the trailer via either soft straps or chains. Soft strap tie downs, loop around your vehicles tires and are ratcheted to the trailer deck. On a chain tie-down equipped truck, your vehicle will be chained to the trailer using steel chains. The chains will be attached at designated tie down location on the vehicle.

Open trailer costs less

Open trailer auto transport costs generally 20% to 30% less than an enclosed trailer. The reason for this is based on the larger availability of carriers for this service type.

Exposed but safe

Open car trailers are specifically designed to haul anywhere from 4-10 vehicles per truck. Vehicles on these trailers are exposed to the outside and at first glance seem to susceptible to damage. It is actually very safe to transport vehicles on open trailers – vehicles will arrive a bit dirty but in the general condition that it was picked up in.

You’re shipment is fully insured

When you ship with Autoline you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is 100% insured. All of Autoline’s carriers are required to maintain a minimum of $50,000 cargo insurance per vehicle.