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Enclosed Trailer Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport will keep your vehicle protected from the elements and is best suited for high end vehicles, vehicles with low ground clearance, or vehicles which have interiors exposed. These trailers are specifically designed to haul up to 7 vehicles at a time. Enclosed trailers haul car within a completely enclosed trailer which protects the vehicles from the elements. Pricing for enclosed carrier auto transport costs generally 10% to 20% above that of open trailer service.

How the vehicle is tied down

Vehicles will be tied down to the trailer via either soft straps or chains. Soft strap tie downs, loop around your vehicles tires and are ratcheted to the trailer deck. On a chain tie-down equipped truck, your vehicle will be chained to the trailer using steel chains. The chains will be attached at designated tie down location on the vehicle.

Vehicles are completely covered

Enclosed trailers have either a soft-side or hard-side cover which conceals the vehicles completely within the trailer and protects them from the elements. Enclosed trailers are similar to open trailers in the way that the vehicles are stacked atop one another.

Lift-Gate equipped

Most enclosed trailers are equipped with lift-gates which allow vehicles to be loaded straight on. This is important for vehicles with low ground clearance as the ramps on standard car haulers will cause the vehicles to scrap against the trailer upon loading.

You’re shipment is fully insured

When you ship with Autoline you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is 100% insured. All of Autoline’s carriers are required to maintain a minimum of $50,000 cargo insurance per vehicle.