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100% Insurance Assurance

Autoline guarantees that your vehicle will be 100% covered while in our’s or our carrier’s possession. We guarantee that your vehicle will be insured up to $50,000* for any damage caused by driver negligence or equipment failure. If damage was to occur and is deemed due to the drivers negligence or equipment failure and the carrier and/or the carrier’s insurance company DOES NOT repair or compensate for damages, up to $50,000 and within 120 days of occurrence, Autoline will pay your personal insurance deductible up to $500.

*additional levels of insurance are available upon request.

Autoline’s insurance assurance is subject to the following terms and conditions

  1. All damage claims must be noted and signed for at time of delivery. Damage must be noted directly on the carrier’s bill of lading, signed by driver, and submitted in writing to AutoLine within 10 days of delivery date. AutoLine Transport will share the carrier insurance policy information upon request but is not the entity responsible for any damages. The assigned carrier is solely responsible for the condition of your vehicle while it is in their possession.
  2. AutoLine Transport and/or their Agents shall not be liable for the following:• Damage caused by leaking fluids, battery acids, cooling system anti-freeze
    fluids, industrial fallout, or any other damage caused by ‘Acts of God ‘.
    • Damage, which is undetectable due to vehicles, dirty condition at the time of pickup.
    • Mechanical malfunctions, exhaust assembly, frame, alignment, tire damage, suspension, or running of engines.
    • Auto Rental Accruals (Carriers insurance may provide in certain situations)
    • Damage resulting from overloaded vehicles.
    • Damage to vehicles that cannot be driven on or off transporter under own power.
    • Theft or Damage to items left or placed in vehicle.