Should You Pay Extra For a Top Load Spot When Shipping a Car?

A common issue when shipping a car on an open multi-car trailer is whether your car should be on the top rack or bottom rack.   Both have their own advantages, and disadvantages as well.  Cars on the top rack, are more inclined to road hazards but safer from any potential dripping or leaking from road vehicles.  There may also be a possibility that the car on the top rack can get hit branches if the auto hauler drives or pulls into areas with trees.   Vehicles on the lower rack are safer from debris along the road, but they are the ones exposed to possible oil leaks or harmful drippings from cars on the upper deck.   Most auto shipping companies offer a top rack placement guarantee for an extra fee,  but it may be pointless to pay extra just ensure that your car is placed on the top rack.    If you really want total safety for your car, and money is not issue,  better go enclosed or purchase our Road Wrap vehicle protection cover.