Order and Payment Questions

  1. How do I pay?

    When your order is placed, you will have two options to pay:


    1. Pay a deposit of $200 and the balance upon delivery. For the deposit we take all credit cards, and Paypal. Once your vehicle is delivered successfully you will pay the remaining balance to the Carrier directly in the form of Cash or Cashiers Check only.
    2. Pay your the entire shipping cost upfront with any major credit card and pay nothing on delivery.
  2. How do I get a copy of my receipt?

    Every customer gets a copy of their contract upon pickup and delivery of your vehicle. This contract is your receipt. If you require another, you may contact us and we can email you a copy of your order.

  3. How can I modify or cancel an existing reservation?

    If you do not need the shipment you have reserved, please let us know no less than 24 hours prior to your move date. Cancelations processed after this time will be subject to cancelation fees. To cancel your reservation simply contact your Autoline agent via email or phone and let us know you will like to cancel your order. We will process your order and return any deposits paid.

  4. Is my reservation guaranteed?

    Yes. Your Autoline auto shipment order is guaranteed!

    When you make a reservation, we guarantee to provide you with a carrier within 1-10 days of your requested ship date for the originally quoted price.

    Should you not have your vehicle picked-up within the agreed window, Autoline will compensate you $25 of your auto shipping total for every day past.

    Autoline reservation guarantees are subject to the following terms and conditions

    • 1. The Reservation Guarantee does not apply to orders which have been upgraded to Fast Track.
    • 2. After the customer makes an initial reservation, any changes made to order will re-start the pickup window.
    • 5. Autoline has the right to substitute equipment of equal or greater size to fill your guaranteed reservation.
    • 6. If Autoline representatives are unable to contact you to schedule and agreed upon pickup date, date and location of your pick-up, the reservation will not be considered guaranteed.

    In the event of war, riot, civil unrest, insurrection, Act of God or other force majeure that significantly disrupts the operations of Autoline or our netwok carriers, it shall not be obligated to pay customers the $25 payment even if the reservation had been guaranteed.

  5. Can I pay with my credit card and have someone else pickup the equipment?

    We prefer the card holder be present when the equipment is picked up. If another person is picking up the equipment, they will be responsible for the equipment and have to sign the contract. They will also be required to show adequate meaningful assurance such as a credit card, driver’s license and phone number to verify.

  6. Can I pay in full for a family member?

    Yes, you can pay in full for a family member’s transport by calling our your Autoline representative at 1-800-991-2187.

  7. Do I have to pay a deposit when shipping with Autoline?


    When you place your order you may choose to pay a deposit of $200 or the entire balance of your auto shippings costs upfront.

  8. Can I use a debit card to reserve my shipment?

    Yes, the debit card must have a Visa or MasterCard logo.

  9. Do you need a credit card to reserve an auto shipment?

    Yes, making a reservation online or over the phone requires a credit card.

  10. How are Autoline transport rates determined?


    Our rates are determined by the current national auto shipping market rates.