Insurance Questions

  1. Is my vehicle insured?

    Your vehicle(s) will be insured against in-transit damage caused by carrier negligence or equipment failure by the auto shipping or car transport truck that we assign. These auto shipping and car transport trucks, by law, carry a minimum of $750,000 public liability insurance. Autoline requires our carriers to hold an additional $50,000 per vehicle minimum, Cargo Insurance Policy for your protection.

    Autoline’s Protection Guarantee: If your vehicle(s) incur damage during transit at the fault of our carrier, and if said carrier’s insurance does not pay for these damages in full Autoline will pay your personal insurance deductible (up to $500).

  2. What does our insurance cover?

    Insurance provided by our carriers will cover your vehicle from in-transit damage or vehicle theft up to $50,000. Additional levels of insurance are available upon request.

  3. What do I do if I notice damage to my vehicle upon delivery?

    Our car transport and auto transport shippers strive to do the best job possible, however, sometimes damage does occur. If damage is found on your vehicle, notify Autoline Transport as soon as it is noticed. Make sure you get a copy of the condition report, noting the damage and signed by carrier. Without this document we will not be able to file an insurance claim for you.

  4. Can I add additional levels of insurance for my vehicle?

    Autoline ensures a minimum of $50,000 insurance coverage per vehicle. If additional levels of coverage are required, it may be possible to acquire limits up to $200,000 per vehicle. Additional fees may apply.

  5. Does auto transport insurance cover items left inside the vehicle?

    No. Items left inside the vehicle during shipment will not be covered by auto transport insurance.