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Auto Transport Guide

Do you need to move your vehicle across the state or across the country? Whether it’s far or near, the process of transporting your vehicle can become quite a challenge. Let Autoline help you with that challenge.

Did you know Autoline can transport just about anything with wheels?

Autoline provides transport solutions for a range of different vehicle types, including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, RVs and more.

What is true door to door auto shipping?

Autoline provides true door-to-door auto shipping. What this means is that your vehicle(s) will be picked up and delivered to the address you provide, or as close as we can safely access*.

*There will be certain areas where we will not be able to safely load or unload, including residential neighborhoods, areas with low hanging trees or other overhead obstructions, and areas that are restricted to commercial vehicles. In these situations, your driver will contact you to make arrangements to meet at a nearby location which is safe and accessible, such as a school or shopping center parking lot.

Relocate anywhere and anytime with Autoline.

For the past 10 years, Autoline has delivered over 5000 cars per year all over the country.

Autoline utilizes our in-house trucks and a network of over 4000 contract carriers to service every shipping lane in the country. So no matter how remote your pickup and delivery location, Autoline can get there.

With modern equipment we can ship anytime of the year, even in the worst of conditions. So dont worry if your driveway is covered in 2 feet of snow, we can get your vehicle where it needs to go.

Auto shipment timing can be a little confusing – Let us explain.

Delivery times for auto shipments are pretty straight forward – Delivery takes about 1-2 days for every 500 miles traveled. So for example; if you are shipping from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, Ca, about 1500 miles, you should expect your vehicle to be delivered within 3-6 days. Pickup timeframes for auto transport are a bit harder to nail down – Your vehicle will usually be picked up within 1-3 days of the date you request, but could be longer (up to 7 days) on certain overbooked or un-common routes. Talk to your Autoline rep to get a better idea of the pickup timeframes on your specific route.

Autoline offers a quick shipment promise on each and every standard order. However, for shippers who are in need of an exact pickup or delivery date, Autoline’s Fast-Track service can help you keep your schedule.

How is your car actually transported?

Autoline utilizes all different types of  vehicle hauling equipment, including open car carriers, enclosed car carriers, flat-bed trailers, and low-boy trailers. Depending on your requirements we will recommend the best solution.

Once a carrier type is selected you are ready for your move. On moving day, your driver will arrive at your pickup location and load your vehicle safely onto the trailer. Your vehicle(s) will stay on this same truck from pickup up until delivery. On the day of delivery, again the driver will arrive at your specified delivery location and safely unload your vehicle. At this point you will receive a condition report and a copy of your bill of lading.

Auto transport costs can vary greatly from lane to lane – Learn why.

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “why is my shipping cost higher than my last shipment, which was less miles?”. Well the answer this is somewhat complicated; Auto transport cost is not calculated by only the distance. There are many factors which determine the price to ship a vehicle. The most relevant factor is the commonality of the shipping lane. For example Florida to the North East and back is one of the most common auto shipping routes in the country. During ‘snow bird’ season the price to ship a vehicle down to Florida will be twice that of the cost to ship it back up to NY, NJ, CT, etc.

Find out the cost to ship your vehicle today – Request a free auto shipping quote.

Trust Autoline with your vehicle(s).

Whether you are purchasing a new vehicle, shipping your daughter’s car home from school, or moving a fleet of work trucks back from the oil fields, Autoline is here to help. We will transport your vehicle professionally. Door to door. Wherever you need it to go, whenever you need it to get there.

To learn more about Autoline and find answers to your auto shipping questions, please visit our blog and view or frequently answered questions. Or feel free to give us a ring at (800) 991-2187 and speak with an experienced auto relocation agent.