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  1. Car Shipping – Buying a Car Out of State

    So You Found a Great Deal On A Car. Problem – It’s Located in Another State…Now What?

    You saw the gorgeous sports car on or, and you couldn’t help but drool. Unfortunately, you can’t really drive it home –  you need to get it shipped to your home because it’s currently located in another state. You really, really, really want that car, though! So, how do you make sure that it is worth the money you are going to pay for it before you hire a car shipping service?

    Hire a Pro to Inspect The Car

    It’s not uncommon for car sellers to try to sell a car that doesn’t work to a hapless person who is too far away to actually take a good look at the car, so do your part in making sure that you don’t end up getting scammed by slick sellers. Before you call up your favorite auto shipper, you need to make sure that the car that you are buying is actually worth the money that you are paying. Hire a 3rd party inspection service to take a look at the car before you buy it, or better yet, ask for a video inspection prior to signing any papers. The more trustworthy the inspector is, the better off you will be. After all, auto shippers do not know what purpose the car that you are going to be shipping is going to have. If it is a clunker, most shippers will assume that it’s a “fix ‘er up” project and not a bad sale.

    Review all Documents

    Next, it’s important – crucially important, actually – to review all the documents that you are going to have to sign before the car is officially yours. Go over them with a lawyer if it’s an individual seller and not a dealership, and make sure that if you are buying from a dealership, that you are not being charged too many fees. If you feel like something is awry with the pricing, the fees, or the taxes, speak up before you sign a single paper. Out of state car purchases are very high risk in terms of the sheer amount of ways that you can be cheated out of money, so make sure that it is perfectly squared off before you pick up the car.

    Hire A Car Shipping Company

    Once you have actually purchased the car, it’s time to get an car shipping company to drop off your car at your home address. If you have gotten the car from an individual seller, it’s worth collaborating with the seller on a good time to pick up the car, and to have them sign off on the car’s pick up. (If an individual seller isn’t willing to meet with an auto shipper for a pick up, you should not buy from them at all.)  You should ask the seller to mail you all documents pertaining to the purchase.  Some naive sellers will place the documents inside the car itself, or hand them to the driver.  It is best to have all documents mailed instead.  Your car shipping driver cannot be held responsible for items left inside the vehicle.  The auto shipper should also contact you to make sure that you know when the car has been picked up – after all, you do have a right to know where your new car is. If you bought the car from a dealership, it’s okay to go with the dealership’s choice of car shipping company. Almost every car dealer has one that they do business with for a discounted price.

    Remember, buying a car from outside of your state does come with a certain amount of risk. If you really do believe it is worth it, then you will need to keep your guard up. Though not ever bargain car seems like a bad deal, it’s always a good idea to take every step you can in order to ensure that you are not fleeced in the process.

  2. Showing Your Car In Houston, Texas? Houston Car Shipping

    Whether it’s a Lamborghini Gallardo, or a classic Rolls-Royce Phantom, it’s easy to see why car collectors love to show off their most prized possessions at major city car shows. But, a problem is always posed when bringing your car on a tour. Car show enthusiasts love to tour their cars around the country, but hate to have to add miles to their cars. So what’s a person who is proud about their car supposed to do? The easiest ways to get your car to Houston is to get it done via car transport, and arrive to the city on your own.

    If you are looking to add your car to a Houston, Texas car show, then you already know that your car is very precious cargo for any auto shipper to handle. Of course, this means that you will have to take special precautions in order to make sure that the auto shipper that you choose will not have your car arrive with dents or dings. This is why you need to make sure to hire a quality houston car shipping service who has a reputation for bringing cars to their final destination unscathed.

    Still, even with the highest quality Houston car shipping companies, accidents do happen. This happens to be a reason why buying extra auto shipping insurance is a must for most car lovers. In case anything does go wrong, you will be able to get the money you need in order to fix your car.

    Once you have selected a reliable auto shipper for your car’s transport, you will need to choose a transportation mode. Do you want an open transport shipper, or an enclosed auto transport service? Open transporters are more likely to cause dents, dings, and bird poop issues, simply because with this service, cars are shipped without an enclosure or anything to protect them from the weather or the outdoors. (It is worth noting that most dealerships use open air transportation services for their cars, though.) People who want to have their car shipped at a lower rate typically choose open car shipping services because of the lower price, and because shipping times are usually a little bit faster.

    The best option for those who want their classic or exotic cars to come out of a transport with no damage is to go for an enclosed auto transport service. This service gives you the added perk of having an enclosure that keeps your car safe from the elements.  Enclosed auto transports also usually have better shocks to handle bumps in the road, and they also typically have some form of padding that keeps cars cushioned and safe inside. Because of the added safety features of an enclosed transport, people who really want the best for their cars usually will choose an enclosed transport service when shipping their cars anywhere.

    There are plenty of auto shippers that serve the Houston, Texas area. There are also plenty of different trailers and shipping enclosure that you can choose from. It’s important to remember that quality matters, and that your car’s safety is at stake. It’s up to you to decide which car transport service to use while showing off your car, but the fact is that investing in a quality shipper with a high quality enclosure, is often the best choice you can make – for both your peace of mind and your car.

    Showing your car in Houston TX, and need help with your car shipping needs?  Autoline Transport can help.  Since 2005, Autoline provides comprehensive car transport to literally anywhere in the US.  See why we’re better and let us help make your auto shipping experience easier – Request a free Instant Car Transport Quote.

  3. Auto Transport Insurance – Filing a Damage Claim

    autotransportinsuranceThe number one fear when shipping a car is vehicle damage.  Though this is basically a “worst case” scenario for most auto shipping companies, there are times when a car will get damaged while it’s being shipped to its final destination. Should an accident occur, the first thing you should do is contact your auto transport broker.  The broker has access to the carrier’s auto transport insurance policy, and will instruct you on how to file a proper claim.  You will need to get into contact with your car insurance company as well if you feel that the damage is major.    It’s best to contact your auto shipping agent first in order to make sure that you get all the information necessary to file damage claim seamlessly.

    When your car is being taken off the ramp, it’s a good idea to request that your driver stay put until you have given the car a complete inspection. If possible, your insurance adjuster should also be present when the car is dropped off, since they will need to do an inspection as soon as possible. Next, make sure to call your auto shipping company to tell them what the situation happens to be.  If you only incurred minor damage, let the company know that. If you incurred a lot of damage, it’s important to let the auto transport company know that as well. Either way, explain that you may need to know the auto transport insurance information for legal purposes, and they should be happy to provide you will all the necessary documents to file a claim.

    When your car arrives, let the insurance adjuster make an in-depth inspection of the car, ideally, in a place where there is lots of light. Take photos of the car, especially of the parts that were damaged during transport, as these can help provide valuable information to the auto transport insurance companies. Write down any visible damage that the car has incurred on your Bill of Lading, and have the driver sign it before he leaves. Make copies of the photographs, Bill of Lading, and send it to the auto shipping company, and to the carrier’s insurance company.

    You may be asked for a quote from a mechanic before you are able to get any money from the carrier’s auto transport insurance company. Most reputable car shipping companies will try their best to resolve the issue of a damaged car as soon as possible.  However, if you have the misfortune of dealing with a less-than-noble carrier, you may have to settle the matter in court, or with the Better Business Bureau.

    Obviously, this is a worst case scenario, but it’s one that still happens from time to time. It’s times like these when choosing the right auto shipper becomes crucial. Sure, cheaper shipping companies may seem like a value, but would you really want to deal with a company that has many complaints with the BBB for bailing after they knowingly damaged a patron’s car during transit?