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Our History

On May 15 2005, Nathan and Christina Hunt began doing business as Autoline Transport. A small logistics firm specializing in personal door-to-door auto shipments. The plan was to build a better auto transport solution by developing a reputation of rock-solid credibility, utilizing modern logistic techniques, and implementing the best technology.

Since its beginning, Autoline has taken an innovative approach to auto transport. We were the first to offer JT Direct-Online-Quoting, and in another industry first,  we allowed customers to pay their shipping costs in full with credit card rather than the industry standard Cash-on-Delivery – An appealing option for shippers who did not want to carry around cash to pay their driver. The auto transport industry wasn’t, and in a lot of ways still isn’t, built to serve private shippers. Autoline’s #1 Goal is to bridge this gap.

In 2012, Autoline purchased their first car hauler and began operation as an auto transport carrier. Running as a trial operation Autoline trucks began service in the south-western states. Autoline’s fleet grows every year with hopes of servicing every major route in the United States.